Deputy minister attends Cannes Festival in France

Buti Manamela says the SABC's decision to play 90% local content on radio should be for films too.

FILE: Staff members lay out the red carpet outside the Palais des Festivals in the southeastern French city of Cannes on 100 May, 2016 on the eve of the opening ceremony of the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Picture: AFP.

FRANCE - Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela says local content quotas should extend to film too.

Manamela is at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, which a group of South African filmmakers are also attending.

The minister says the recent announcement of public broadcasters needing to play 90 percent local content shouldn't just be for music.

"It should extend into film. But if we are to achieve that, it means we must have more content generated by the industry. It means we must promote young film makers."

Manamela will oversee a film networking session with Brazil today.


The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Thursday said it's implementing a quota for local music on all of its 18 radio stations to protect culture and heritage over commercial interests.

It was decided that from Thursday, 90% of the music played by the public broadcaster's 18 stations must be sourced from local artists.

The SABC said it took the decision after extensive consultation with music industry representatives.