Plans fast-tracked to normalise Vuwani following violent protests

Vuwani has been declared a disaster area following violent protests & the torching of around 20 schools.

FILE: The Vhudzani secondary school is one the 17 schools which have been touched by the Vuwani community. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Limpopo government says it wants the situation in Vuwani to return to normal by Monday and plans to rebuild the community are being fast-tracked.

Vuwani was declared a disaster area yesterday following violent protests which resulted in schools being burnt to the ground.

Government is now able to free up funds to start rebuilding schools and providing mobile facilities and clinics.

Several high profile meetings have taken place to ensure rebuilding starts as soon as possible.

The Limpopo government's Kenny Mathivha says work has already started this morning to clean up the area where buildings were burnt to the ground.

Mathivha says their priority is ensure things are back to normal by Monday.

Learning has come to a standstill in the area with the Vhavenda king calling on protesting residents to end the violence and vandalism.

WATCH: Vhavenda King backs his people but calls for an end to violence.