Update: JSC's received a complaint against Judge Jansen

She's received widespread criticism for her Facebook comments claiming rape 'is part of black culture'.

High court judge Mabel Jansen. Picture: LinkedIn.

JOHANNESBURG - The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has confirmed that a formal complaint has been lodged against Judge Mabel Jansen.

Jansen has received widespread criticism for her Facebook comments claiming rape is part of black culture.

The commission says the matter has been lodged with the judicial conduct committee, which will investigate whether Jansen contravened the code of judicial conduct.

It further says that it notes with concern the public outcry caused by the Facebook comments and that it will investigate whether Judge Jansen's conduct was in line with the code of judicial conduct, which all judges should abide by.

In a Facebook discussion with activist Gillian Schutte, Jansen attributed rape to black culture saying she is yet to meet a black woman who hasn't been sexually assaulted.

Judge Jansen's comments have sparked outrage from members of the legal fraternity, political parties and ordinary South Africans.

Calls are intensifying for Jansen to be removed from her position.


Furthermore, the JSC says a request for Judge Jansen to be placed on special leave has been sent to Justice Minister Michael Masutha for consideration.

Members of the law fraternity have called on the judicial conduct committee to deal with the complaint against Judge Jansen transparently to avoid fuelling an already sensitive situation.

Mvuzo Notyesi of the Law Society of South Africa says it would be the right thing to do for Jansen to go on special leave.

"It would be a correct thing to do if the judge takes leave or is granted leave, or even suspended for that matter."

On her Twitter account, the judge claimed her comments about rape being part of black culture were taken out of context.

The probe by the commission seeks to uncover whether Jansen has contravened her oath.

At the same time, the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) says it will also this week lay a formal complaint, with the JSC, to have racist comments made by High Court judge Mabel Jansen investigated.

Yesterday, several political parties expressed their disappointment with her conduct, also calling for the(JSC) to investigate.

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Now members of the legal fraternity say they will be taking the necessary steps to see Jansen removed from the bench.

Association president Lutendo Sigogo says, "We want to see her resign from her job, but if she doesn't resign we want to see the JSC taking it's processes of impeachment."

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