High court judge under fire for black rape culture comments

Judge Mabel Jansen has come under fire after a Facebook conversation was made public by an activist.

High court judge Mabel Jansen. Picture: LinkedIn.

JOHANNESBURG - A high court judge has come under fire after a Facebook conversation, in which she expresses her belief that rape is part of black culture, was made public.

Snippets of the conversation have been posted online by social justice activist Gillian Schutte in which judge Jansen says "in their culture, a woman is there to pleasure them".

Jansen also says in her Facebook message to Schutte that she believes gang rape of babies, daughters and mothers is a pleasurable pastime for some.

She goes on to say "black people are by far no angels" and "their conduct is despicable".

There are now calls for Jansen to be removed from the bench, but the judge claims her comments have been taken out of context and she was referring specifically to rape cases she had presided over.

The Business Day newspaper spoke to Jansen who says instead of labelling her a racist, the country should address what she calls the real issue of protecting vulnerable women and children.

Jansen has been slammed on social media in response to her comments:

#MabelJansen should not be a judge. Her views need to be reported & her past judgements reviewed. #RemoveMabelJansen

Judge #MabelJansen lends credence to the extremely dangerous notion that the law is not blind.That it sees colour, partial and prejudiced.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to refer the likes of #MabelJansen & Co to Section 7(a) of the Euphonik Act of 2016. #Nonke

#MabelJansen isn't fit to be a judicial officer. The JSC should taken. pic.twitter.com/HPGhHEwqaM