Another drug mule arrested at CT airport

This is the third drug bust at Cape Town International Airport this week.

Authorities arrested a woman after they discovered cocaine concealed in a chocolate box at the Cape Town International Airport on 4 May 2016. Picture: @SAPoliceService via Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - Police have arrested yet another drug mule at the Cape Town International Airport.

This is the third bust at the airport this week.

A 40-year-old woman, who arrived on a flight from the Middle East, was arrested yesterday after officials discovered around three kilogrammes of cocaine that was concealed in a chocolate box in the woman's luggage.

The drugs have been valued at more than R1 million.

In a separate bust on Tuesday, another R1 million cocaine bust was made at the airport and one suspect was taken into custody.

On Monday night, customs officers arrested two suspects who were also found with cocaine valued at R1.5 million.

Police believe the suspects may be linked to the same syndicate, which is using the same method of concealing the drugs by hiding them in chocolate packaging.