Van Zyl positive about CSA’s transformation efforts

SCA says South African cricket will see the rewards of the strategies implemented by CSA in the future.


CAPE TOWN - Cricket South Africa (CSA) General Manager Corrie Van Zyl says CSA are doing a lot of work behind the scenes at grassroots level which ties in with their transformation goals.

Recently, Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula revoked the rights of a handful of federations to host international tournaments including CSA because of the lack of transformation in the respective sports.

Van Zyl believes South African cricket will see the rewards of the strategies implemented by CSA in the future.

"We believe that we on the right rack and we doing the right things, we will bear the fruits of the efforts that we put in at grassroots level."

He went onto say that the public do not always witness the programmes that are already in in place. "It's not always easy for people to see what CSA are doing at grassroots level and at any level for that matter."

The former Proteas interim coach says transformation is not just about the professional teams.

"It's mostly the things you see every day like the national team or franchise cricket that captures the attention of people."

A former international cricketer himself, Van Zyl believes much of their [CSA] work is for the future of national cricket in terms of playing personnel.

"A lot is being done within grassroots cricket to make sure we have sustainable pipeline that will ensure we have a representative team."

Van Zyl reiterated that CSA are committed to transformation at every level.

"Every programme, every competition that CSA runs addresses transformation, we don't see transformation as separate, we see it as part of our programme."

After a recent disappointment with regards to national team results, CSA set up a four man panel to review all of South Africa's national cricket sides, the quartet are set to present a progress report on 13 May.

The independent panel is headed up by business woman Dawn Makhobo and includes former Protea batsmen Adam Bacher, World Cup Springbok captain Francois Pienaar along with Dr Ross Tucker, a renowned sports scientists.

Their scope will include The Proteas who have dropped to sixth in the ICC Test rankings and endured another underwhelming ICC tournament when they failed to qualify for the play-offs at the recent World T20 in India; the SA U/19 side who endured a poor World Cup and the Protea Women's side who failed to make an impact at the World T20.

Van Zyl says the panel have already got the ball rolling.

"The panel has already met once in terms of creating the scope for the review and timelines, they will present a progress report at the upcoming board meeting."

He touched on what the panel will get stuck into.

"Their mandate is to review the performances of the various national teams ICC events and what are the underlying factors."

He also said patience will be needed when awaiting the outcomes of the review.

"You can imagine it is not going to be a quick process, it's going to be a detailed process."

It is a novel approach by CSA to contract such a variety of opinions in their review panel, it remains to be seen what will come of their work and the insight it will provide.

However, the employment of the independent panel does indicate willingness to want to improve and get to the bottom of South African crickets ever present problem of underperforming in major tournaments.