Cold Case: One of the accused apologised during trial

Ketani’s brother testified he was approached by one of the three men who struck deals with the state.

FILE: The six men accused of Betty Ketani's murder. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Betty Ketani's family has revealed that one of the six men implicated in her murder approached them during the trial to apologise.

Ketani's brother and daughter have testified during sentencing in the so-called cold case, which was unlocked by the discovery of a confession hidden under a carpet.

Arguments from both legal sides are expected today before the three men who remain in the dock are sentenced.

Ketani's brother Mankinki has testified that he was approached in the public gallery by one of the three men who struck deals with the state.

He didn't name the accused but it appears to be Paul Toft-Nielsen who gave chilling evidence about how he helped dig up Ketani's shallow grave.

Mankinki says the man shook his hand saying "I'm sorry about what happened to your sister".

The defence for the remaining three accused say this interaction fell short of a real apology.

The court has also heard from a social worker for the accused, who was accused of mostly ignoring the plight of the Ketani family.