‘JHB is the most economically powerfully city in Africa’

Mayor Parks Tau is delivering the State of the City Address in Turfontein today.

FILE: Mayor of Joburg Parks Tau. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Mayor Parks Tau says Johannesburg is fast becoming the most integrated inclusive city in the country.

Tau is delivering the State of the City Address in Turffontein today.

He says more than 24,000 small businesses have been empowered by the city.

It was a moving start to proceedings today as Speaker of Council Connie Bapela spoke out about the seven Wits University students who died in a taxi crash in Limpopo.

Later, Mayor Tau described the quality of life in Johannesburg.

"Global Financial Centres Index this year found that Johannesburg is the most economically powerful city on the African continent."

He says the city has managed to create a thriving economy.

"One of the most respected agencies found that Johannesburg is South Africa's number one metro when it comes to financial management."

#JoburgSOCA Mayor Parks Tau will be delivering the end of term state of the city address shortly. @MasaKekana pic.twitter.com/GeI53kU6kQ

Tau says of all the metros, Johannesburg is the least reliant on national government for capital expenditure.