Garlandale Primary School learners honour slain Saadiqah Lippert

Saadiqah Lippert was shot, in what is believed to be gang related violence, while playing with friends.

Saadiqah Lippert was shot near her home on Monday. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Classmates of slain six-year old Saadiqah Lippert are devastated by the loss of their friend.

The little girl, who has been described as a happy and hard-working learner, was shot and killed on Monday while playing with her friends near her home in Bokmakierie Road.

Lippert's classmates at Garlandale Primary School are making cards for her family, which they will deliver along with flowers later today.

Their grade one teacher, Aneesah Mansura, says this small act is also a part of the healing process for the children.

Mansura says it was incredibly difficult breaking the news the murder to her learners.

"My class was very emotional. I spoke to them [and] explained to them; some learners did cry."

A special assembly in memory of the little girl will be held later this week at the school.

Two men have been arrested in connection with her murder and are due to appear in court tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Athlone Community Policing Forum (CPF) says residents have been left shocked by the crime.

Community leaders believe the incident is gang related but this has not yet been confirmed.

Athlone CPF chairperson Aziza Kannemeyer says, "The shooting is a surprise to the community, because we have had a shooting-free area since November. I think what worsens the situation is that an innocent life was taken by the senseless shooting."