Teti Traffic ‘deeply disappointed’ by workers’ highway strike

Teti Traffic contract workers have gone ahead with strike action for a 130% salary hike.

Striking Teti Traffic block the N1 North Highway at New Road on 3 May 2016. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Teti Traffic, which acts as a service provider to the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), says it's deeply disappointed that contract workers have gone ahead with strike action for a 130 percent salary increase.

The employer says it is due to meet with striking workers at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) on Wednesday to discuss their differences.

Workers have gathered on New Road near the N1 highway in Midrand this morning, vowing to block the highway.

Speaking on behalf of the employer, Perumal Pillay says they are monitoring the strike.

"I think all the enforcement agencies are also busy monitoring [the situation]. We're looking at about 150 people in total."


The workers are now making their way to the roads agency's offices in Midrand.

Protest on N1 towards Pretoria @EWNTraffic @ewnreporter pic.twitter.com/g77VEtnmv6

They say they've not received a salary increase since 2012.

One striker, who has asked to remain anonymous, says they have no other option but to block the road if they want to be heard.

"We are not being looked after. We understand the delays that are going to be caused by the strike, but if you want to be heard in South Africa you have to picket."

Meanwhile, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department has brought in reinforcements on the highway.

The department's Edna Mamonyane has warned it is illegal for any pedestrian to walk on the highway.

"We need to remove the protesters from the freeway so there can be a free flow of traffic. When people protest, they think the most effective way is to block the freeway and inconvenience all the other road users."