Dam levels still low despite countrywide rainfall

The department of water and sanitation says dam levels are at 25% less than at the same period in 2015.

Picture: freeimages.com

CAPE TOWN - The Water and Sanitation Department says despite recent rainfall in some parts of the country, dam levels have seen a small decrease.

The department puts the combined national average for dam levels at 54.5 percent - compared to last week's 54.7 percent.

All provincial reservoirs have had an increase except for the North West and the Western Cape.

The department's Sputnik Ratau says the situation is dire compared to the previous year.

"Last year, at the same time, our dam levels were at 79.3 percent, which means that we are now at about 25 percent less in our dams than we had last year."

In January this year, the department reported significant evaporation at dams and open reservoirs because of the extreme heat brought about by El Nino.

The country experienced its most severe drought since 1992 and people were urged to use water sparingly.

Addition reporting by Dineo Bendile