Zuma: Without the ANC in charge, SA will descend into violence

The president has called on workers to isolate political parties creating disunity.

President Jacob Zuma addressing the Mayday rally in Mamelodi. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC President Jacob Zuma says the majority party must maintain power in the municipal elections or the country will be left in the hands of anarchists in a period of violence.

Zuma was speaking at the COSATU Mayday rally in Mamelodi where he called on workers to unite and rally behind the African National Congress (ANC).

He told the crowd that only the ruling party has fought for the plight of workers thanks to the success of the tripartite alliance.

Zuma has called on workers to isolate political parties who are creating disunity and anarchy and expose their agendas.

He says a vote for the ANC is a vote for peace and unity but if the ANC loses the country will be in big trouble.

"It is only when Cosatu and the party vote for the ANC that the ANC can stay and we can push for a better South Africa."

Zuma says he will be dealing with counter revolutionaries by campaigning on the streets.

He says the tripartite alliance has shown a united front with Cosatu, Sanco and the SACP pledging their support for the ANC.

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At the same time, Zuma has also called on voters to separate themselves from parties promoting the use of violence.

While Zuma did not refer directly to comments made by Economic Freedom Fighter's leader Julius Malema, some supporters agreed he was hitting back at comments to take up arms.

He says South Africans want peace and harmony and there is no place for anarchists promoting violence.

He says workers must shun parties who promote divisions in the country as they want to take the nation back to a period of violence.

"The ANC will never turn against workers' interests. All programs of the ANC are designed to make the country a better place."

Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini says the federation has expelled people for wrong doing and members should not be misled by them.

"They used to be the darling of the workers."

Zuma says only a unified alliance will advance the fight to address the plight of the workers.