Plans underway to hold founding congress for new workers federation

A new logo name and colour for the federation is being finalised ahead of its launch.

FILE: Zwelinzima Vavi. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Zwelinzima Vavi says a new collective of 51 unions is planning to hold a founding congress for a new workers federation by the end of the year.

Vavi says the new movement will be independent of political influence and will include a range of splinter unions from the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) as well as the National Council of Trade Unions (Nactu).

The interim head of the workers summit says the new federation must unite workers across the political spectrum.

"The 51 are growing every day. Our target is 184 unions in the independent federation."

Vavi says while they hope to represent all unions in South Africa, their main focus is unorganised workers.

"Our biggest target comrades is the 76 percent of workers in this country who do not belong any union."

Vavi says the workers summit steering committee will now formalise a new logo name and colour for the federation ahead of its launch.