Outa: Support for e-toll debt discount is a sham

Outa says ETC is lying when it says 300,000 motorists have made use of the discount, which ends today.

FILE: An arieal view taken from a helicopter showing a gantry on the N1 highway. Picture: Aki Anastasiou via twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Sanral's 60 percent discount on e-toll debt comes to and end today with the electronic tolling concession anticipating a last minute rush.

The organisation undoing tax abuse is considering a class action suit to fight the e-tolling system after a number of people were summoned for not paying their e-toll bills.

The roads agency has also sent out a number of summonses to corporate companies who are not forking out at the gantries.

Outa's Wayne Duvenage says the Electronic Tolling Collection Consortium (ETC) is lying when it says 300,000 motorists have already made use of the discount offer.

"They are deliberately trying to create this impression to the public, you know… 'Get on board quick because everybody else is jumping on board and you will be the last ones out there'. And there is nothing further from the truth than that."