Zuma expected to address Cosatu supporters at May Day rally

Supporters dressed in ANC and Cosatu colours are slowly making their way into Moreleta Park for the event.

Supporters dressed in ANC and Cosatu colours making their way into Moreleta Park ahead of the May Day address by president Jacob Zuma on 1 May 2016. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) supporters and Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu) members are making their way to Mamelodi for this year's annual mayday celebrations, where ANC President Jacob Zuma is expected to address them.

Cosatu is hosting a number of rallies across the country under the theme celebrating 30 years of defending workers' rights and jobs.

Supporters dressed in ANC and Cosatu colours are slowly making their way into Moreleta Park for the event which is scheduled to start at 11 am.

Some have entered the venue singing and chanting.

Cosatu says it's expecting thousands of workers at the national rally.

Zuma, South African Communist Party General Secretary Blade Nzimande and Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini are expected to address the crowd.

Earlier, Cosatu national spokesperson Sizwe Pamla said the various locations of the rallies across the country are to reach even the poorest of workers.

"At the centre of what the May Day is about is the fact that as Cosatu we're 30 years old. We've experienced firearms, we've experienced defeats, and we've experienced victories. So as we celebrate this moment, we're reflecting on what we've achieved and what we've faced."

Cosatu said it has decentralised May Day workers celebrations today to make the rallies more accessible to workers across the county, in an effort to prevent long and sometimes bus accidents.

Pamla said there have been too many horrific accidents in the past, with many workers travelling far to reach celebrations.

"We're weary of having workers travel long distances. Some of the accidents, especially when we remember the 53 workers who perished in 2003 and the 10 workers who perished recently coming from the manifesto launch of the ANC."