'Not even IEC will stop EFF's pending local election victory'

Julius Malema warned the IEC to be like the judiciary and act independently in this year’s local elections.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema addressing the supporters during the party’s manifesto launch at Orlando Stadium on 30 April 2016. Picture: EFF Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said not even the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) can stop the party's pending victory in this year's local government elections, accusing the commission of stealing EFF votes in past elections.

Malema delivered his party's manifesto at Orlando Stadium yesterday, saying there are only two contesting parties in the elections this year, the African National Congress (ANC) and the EFF.

Malema has warned the IEC to be like the judiciary and act independently in this year's local government elections.

"The IEC must be like the judiciary, you must be independent. You stole our votes in Alexandra."

Malema has accused the IEC of rigging past elections, saying the commission stole EFF votes in Alexandre and Thlokwe.

"The IEC got used to rig elections. We're warning you, they'll never defeat the power of black nations."

He said the IEC must not act as another political party - warning he just wants free and fair elections.

The IEC says it will not and has not commented on statement made by political parties.

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Meanwhile, Malema said he has armed thousands of supporters with the party's manifesto, saying this is the weapon for change in the country.

Last week, the ANC laid treason charges against Malema for saying the EFF would remove the ANC through the barrel of a gun if the governing party rigged the elections.

In a symbolic gesture after delivering what he called a contract with his supporters, Malema held up the party's manifesto to thousands of red berets.

"This is your weapon. This is the gun I was talking about. Take this gun and go and shoot them."

Malema said the ANC is wrong to accuse him of inciting violence as the EFF has been a peaceful movement, fighting battles in court and in Parliament for the poor.

"ANC is liked by clowns, that's why they confuse the truth with treason."

His supporters agreed with Malema, saying they will only take up arms in defense if anyone reacts violently towards their peaceful movement.

"We've no choice because ANC as the ruling party has the government, has the police and weaponry power."

Supporters say they are confident Malema will garner enough support to win the province in this year's local government, as people will vote to end corruption.


Malema has challenged the state to arrest him over his comments about the party taking up arms to defend themselves and says his supporters are not afraid of the police.

The EFF said it wants to demonstrate the success of its policies by introducing them at local government level and has asked South Africans to give it five years to prove itself.

Malema also launched a scathing attack on his detractors within the ANC, accusing them of using the state to suppress political opposition.

Malema said he doesn't believe the charges of treason laid against him are legitimate and he remains unafraid.

"Anyone who wants to arrest me, here I am, you can come and arrest me now. I'm not scared of all of you."

He said his party will not be intimidated by the police.

"Minister of police, we are not scared of you and your police. We are not scared of a violent state and we are ready to take you on anytime."

The commander in chief insists that the EFF if ready to take up arms against the state in self-defence if peaceful demonstrations are suppressed with violence.

He said they are not scared of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

"Bring it on, we are not scared of you, we are ready for you and we are ready to take over all the municipalities. We are the government in waiting."

Malema has responded to those who've accused the EFF of promoting violence and anarchy, saying their members will only use violence to defend themselves.

"Anyone who wants to arrest me, here I am, you can come and arrest me now. There's nothing treason here, you came with violence, we will respond to you with violence. We are not scared of you. We will never start any violence."