Malema dares the ANC, Zuma to ‘bring it on’

EFF leader Julius Malema says the party is not scared of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema addressing the supporters during the party’s manifesto launch at Orlando Stadium on 30 April 2016. Picture: EFF Facebook.

JOHANNEBSURG - Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) leader Julius Malema has told thousands of supporters that his party will ensure that President Jacob Zuma is removed from office soon.

Malema was speaking at the EFF's manifesto launch at the Orlando Stadium this afternoon.

Earlier this week, the African National Congress (ANC) laid "treason" charges against Malema for saying the EFF would remove the ANC through the barrel of a gun if the governing party rigged elections.

He says they are not scared of President Zuma and the ANC.

"Bring it on, we are not scared of you, we are ready for you and we are ready to take over all the municipalities. We are the government in waiting."

Malema has responded to those who've accused the EFF of promoting violence and anarchy, saying their members will only use violence to defend themselves.

"Anyone who wants to arrest me, here I am, you can come and arrest me now. There's nothing treason here, you came with violence - we will respond to you with violence. We are not scared of you. We will never start any violence."

The EFF leader also took a swipe at State Security Minister David Mahlobo who this week warned against comments similar to those made by Malema about possibly removing the ANC by force if provoked by the governing party.

"You are a small boy. You are an intelligence minister who is not intelligent and we are not scared of you. You must tell Zuma too that we are not scared of him. Zuma will get out of office whether he likes it or not."

#EFFManifesto Malema and leadership present the Manifesto. Confetti is released, crowd goes wild. EC

Meanwhile, the EFF says it only wants five years to prove itself in the state and has called on its supporters to kick it out of government if it does not implement its election promises.

Malema says the EFF doesn't need 22 years in power to prove it can govern better than the ANC.

"We don't want many years. We are asking for five years alone."

Malema says the EFF manifesto is not a promise but a commitment.

"In this manifesto, we are signing a contract and saying to our people if we don't implement this contract, you must kick us out of government."

The EFF has present strict rules for ward councillors which include staying within the community they represent."

Pictures: EFF Facebook.