Malema: EFF will change Parliament, prioritise the poor

Malema says the party arrived in Parliament when there was a conversation about addressing the Nkandla saga.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leadership arriving at the Orlando Stadium for the party's manifesto launch. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

SOWETO - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says if elected, his party will prioritise the poor and not build bicycle lanes while millions of poor South Africans live in shacks.

Malema addressed tens of thousands of supporters gathered at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto for the launch of the party's election manifesto.

The country's third largest political party will contest the local government elections for the first time in August.

Malema has asked supporters to give the party five years in government and if they don't deliver they will step down.

"We are here to sign a contract with our people. If we don't implement this contract, you must kick us out of government. We don't want many years; we are asking for five years alone."

He's confident the EFF will win control a number of municipalities after the August elections and has promised to have councillors who will put the poor first.

"Let out priorities not be mixed up. Let's get our priorities right. Let those who are rich be patient and be paint by the sufferings of our people."

The EFF leader says when the red berets come into government, councillors will consistently be in contact with the people.

"Every councillors must make his cellphone public and that phone must work 24 hours because councillors must be accessible."

Malema has reminded supporters of the party's unwavering stance on land redistribution and economic freedom.

"We will do everything in our power to achieve these cardinal pillars. Everything we say, we mean it and we do not play."

Malema says the EFF will change Parliament.

"We want a Parliament that will reflect Marikana. Any Parliament that looks like Britain is a sold out Parliament and any Parliament that continues the legacy of colonialism has sold the struggles of our people."

Malema has also told the crowd that the party arrived in Parliament when there was a conversation about addressing the Nkandla saga, a case he believes the EFF has managed to tackle successfully with the recent Constitutional Court judgment against President Jacob Zuma and Parliament.


Cheers for "Juju" and "Zupta must fall" echoed through Orlando Stadium as thousands of supporters welcomed Malema.

Supporters as young as three-years-old have flocked to see Malema, with many saying they are eager to hear the party's plans.

Thousands of EFF supporters packed Orlando Stadium to capacity and watched a helicopter and a group of bikers carrying the "Vote for EFF" flags.

#EFFManifesto As Malema and the top leadership pass, the crowd chants. EC

#EFFManifesto A helicopter flies over. Eff supporters say the party will win Gauteng easily

Just before Malema walked into the stadium, a plane carrying a Democratic Alliance flag flew over the stadium but the red berets seemed not to take notice.


EFF supporters at Orlando Stadium say they will be looking for job creation and better service delivery in the manifesto today and more importantly an end to corruption and Zuma.

Young and old, the message from supporters is that the EFF will win in Gauteng this year and they are confident Malema will not make empty promises.

While many are excited to hear how he will create jobs and improve service delivery, many say they know he will end corruption.

"I believe that the EFF can win and can make a change. Many people support EFF because it doesn't allow corruption."

Their message to the president of the country is also clear: step aside for Malema to win power.

"He's got over 700 charges against him… Zuma must absolutely step down."

Supporters celebrated their party with pride, singing and dancing to the musical acts while chanting "Zupta must fall".