Hundreds of EFF supporters gather ahead of the party manifesto launch

The EFF has promised to fill up the Orlando Stadium and says this will be a reflection of growing support.

Hundreds of Economic Freedom Fighters gather at Orlando Stadium in Soweto ahead of the party's election manifesto launch on 30 April 2016. Picture: Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members and supporters have started filling the Orlando Stadium, where the party will launch its local government manifesto today.

The EFF says it expects to win power in Gauteng.

The manifesto launch will be addressed by EFF commander in chief Julius Malema.

The launch was preceded by a host of community meetings at which the eff leader lashed out at what he says is poor service delivery.

The EFF has promised to fill up the Orlando Stadium and says this will be a reflection of growing support in the province.

In the last election, the party won six percent of the national vote. EFF leaders expect the support to increase to 18 percent this year.

Malema is also expected to clarify his comments about taking up arms against the state.

He has warned that the EFF will not accept election results if the outcome appears rigged.

The nearly three-year-old party says it intends on wrestling power away from the African National Congress in the province- and possibly forcing a coalition.

This will also be the first time Malema makes a public address since he was accused of trying to incite a civil war.

At the same time, EFF supporters gathered at the Orlando Stadium say they believe in Malema and have faith that he will be the best president for the country.

These supporters say they don't see any other party governing the province and country.

"EFF is going to change the foundations of this country's politics come 3 August. A lot of young people will be voting for the EFF, a lot of young women like myself in business will voting for the EFF.

"We want to be owners of the industries. We want our land and mines back. I'm here to support the party and I think Malema is the best president to taker this country to the next level."


The party says filling up the 35,000 seater venue is an important start towards winning power.

Chairperson Dali Mpofu says the manifesto will focus on clean governance and anti-corruption.

The stadium has been painted red, with EFF members and supporters streaming in for the manifesto launch.

Mpofu says the number of people that attend the launch is very important.

"It's very important to have good here and there are no excuses you know. We're a two-tear-old party but we're going to be judged by the public like anybody else and we put ourselves out there to be judged like everybody else."

He says while they focused on nationalisation and land expropriation during the national elections - local issues will now take center stage.

"The pillars that land themselves to local government will be the anti-corruption message, building state capacity and local government development."

Meanwhile, many supporters have been traveling since 3 am this morning to hear the eff manifesto launch.

Supporters are out in full voice here at Orlando stadium, chanting Zupta Must Fall in between singing struggle songs.

Young and old, supporters here say they are confident the EFF will win the Gauteng province this year.

"We're very positive and so far we're very happy. We're here because we love Malema and the EFF."

These supporters say they are hoping Malema will talk about job creating and service delivery in the manifesto- and they know he will deliver.