Tokyo Sexwale tackles state capture in open letter

Sexwale has told the Gupta family in an open letter that whatever they've done wrong must be atoned for.

FILE: Tokyo Sexwale. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Businessman and former minister Tokyo Sexwale has told the Gupta family in an open letter that whatever they have done wrong must be atoned for.

The wealthy family, which is friendly with President Jacob Zuma, has been accused of being part of what's become known as 'state capture' after Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas confirmed he was approached by the Guptas and offered a ministerial post.

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In his open letter, Sexwale also confirms that he met with Ajay Gupta at his home.

Sexwale says the African National Congress (ANC) fought hard for the emancipation of black and white South Africans and the country must not be captured again by anyone.

He says the price of this would be too high and South Africans will resist.

Sexwale says the Guptas need to take certain steps to ensure none of their siblings or partners have done anything that may qualify as state capture.

He says if they have, they should take corrective measures by withdrawing from these businesses.

The ANC struggle stalwart says the silver lining of the so-called Gupta cloud is that it could be the beginning of efforts to repair the damage done to the country's image.

He ends the letter by saying, "This is a time for a hard look at matters. It's a time for serious lessons to be learnt."

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