Ravensmead beheading accused: I’m no longer possessed

A priest has told the court that they’ve for prayed Aljar Swartz.

FILE: Aljar Swartz in court moments before being found guilty of the October 2013 murder of Lee Adams. 14 March 2016. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A reverend has testified demons are no longer possessing a man convicted of beheading 15-year-old Lee Adams in Ravensmead.

Reverend Cecil Begbie is testifying in the sentencing proceedings against 20-year-old Aljar Swartz today.

Swartz has been found guilty of mutilating and killing the teenager at an abandoned school in October 2013.

The defence counsel had previously claimed the accused was under satanic influence when he committed the murder three years ago, while Reverend Begbie has testified that Swartz had been haunted by demons in the past.

Today, Begbie told the court Swartz experimented with Satanism at the age of 11, and was sworn into the religion at 14-years-old.

The priest says they were not allowed to perform an exorcism at Pollsmoor prison this week.

He explains they've prayed for the convicted murderer who has since claimed he's no longer possessed by demons.

But, the State argues Swartz has previously told a panel of psychiatrists and psychologists that Satanism and substance abuse can't be blamed for his actions.