Staggie wants to a live clean life... free of crime

The former Hard Livings gang boss says he now wants to help broker peace between warring gangs in the Cape.

Former Hard Livings Gang boss Rashied Staggie was charged with theft at the Cape Town Magistrates Court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Former Hard Livings gang boss, Rashied Staggie, claims he's done with a life of crime and now wants to help broker peace between warring gangs.

Staggie, along with others, were granted bail of R5,000 each in the Cape Town Magistrates Court yesterday.

They were arrested last week on the N1 Highway in Cape Town.

In an affidavit, Staggie states he's been working as a motivational speaker since his release on parole two years ago.

He claims he encourages the youth against the life of crime and gangsterism.

The self-proclaimed reformed gangster and three others were found with 23 bottles of Johnnie Walker Green, British cigarettes and cigars.

It's believed the alcohol was part of a large consignment, imported from London, which was stolen in Johannesburg.

The four men will be back on the dock in July.

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Staggie, Jaoa de Gouveia, Jayaray Pillay and his son, Mikyle Pillay, face charges of theft and the possession of stolen items.

Prosecutor Dail Andrews told the court the accused were arrested with 23 bottles of whiskey believed to have been part of a batch stolen in Johannesburg.

In an affidavit, Staggie and Jayaray deny the items were stolen.

Pillay claims the whiskey was bought by his wife at a liquor outlet in Johannesburg.

Staggie declared himself an innocent man shortly after stepping out of holding cells at the Cape Town Magistrate's Court and insisted he would be vindicated.

"I'm a man of honour, I'm a man of peace and I work for the people," he said.

Staggie's family, friends and a handful of supporters welcomed him with cheers as he left the courthouse after having been granted bail.