Cell C's female managers stands by dos Santos

They said they fully support their CEO despite his recent comments about women in the workplace.

Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos speaking on CliffCentral about women in the workplace. Picture: CliffCentral.com.

JOHANNESBURG - Female managers at Cell C have come out in defence of their CEO following his remarks about women in the workplace.

The mobile network received a backlash on social media yesterday after its boss Jose dos Santos said in a radio interview that the firm employed "good-looking, smart women who have created a different environment."

LISTEN: Cell C CEO talks about women in the workplace.

Dos Santos also said women had a 'b*tch switch'.

In a statement Cell C's top female management say they stand beside their CEO.

They say while they agree that the recent remarks were inappropriate, they have all had far more opportunities to shine and be their best under his leadership.

They go on to say they will not allow their CEO to be solely judged on one unfortunate comment, while what he has done to empower women both within and outside the company goes unnoticed.

Dos Santos has said he realised his remarks were offensive and insisted he continued to support the empowerment of women.