#RhodesShutdown: 3 arrested, 1 hospitalised as protests continue

Students are calling on university management to take action against male students accused of rape on campus.

Rhodes University students protested on 20 April 2016 and called on management to deal with students accused of rape. Picture; Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Three protesters have been arrested at Rhodes University in Grahamstown and one person taken to hospital after suffering from a panic attack during a confrontation with police this morning.

Students at Rhodes University have blockaded the main road leading onto Rhodes campus.

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They're demanding the university take action against 11 male students who allegedly raped other students on campus.

The list of the students' names was published on social media on Sunday and protests have intensified since then.

The pain and anger is clearly visible among the students who are demanding the institution take action against alleged rapists.

Rhodes SRC member Naledi Mashishi says the use of teargas and stun grenades to disperse the demonstrators this morning was uncalled for and they don't know why students were arrested.

"The police are saying that this is a public road which doesn't make sense to us because we shut this road down for a full week last year during Fees Must Fall protests. They didn't say anything but now they're giving us issues."

A third year student is enraged by the inaction of university management and the police presence on campus.

"Mabizela (Rhodes University vice chancellor) is hiding, we asked him why they were shooting at us and he said he didn't call the police. People are being carried in stretchers and he knows nothing about it. We asked Dr Fourie (Rhodes University registrar) what he thinks about this and he said, 'You did this to yourselves.'"

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The university's vice chancellor earlier pleaded with police not to take the students into custody and more people are now arriving as anger at the authorities grows.