#RUReferenceList: Students displeased by management's response

On Sunday, a list was released on social media naming 11 people alleged to have raped women on campus.

Rhodes University. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Students at Rhodes University say they are not satisfied with the response from the institution's management regarding their demands to adequately deal with rape and other forms of sexual violence on campus.

On Sunday a list was released on social media naming 11 people alleged to have raped women on the Grahamstown campus.

The so called 'Reference List' follows the launch of an anti-rape campaign last week in which students called for changes to the university's sexual assault policy.

Rhodes student and activist Sian Ferguson says the university is not doing enough to deal with the problem.

"The reason why people don't report it is not because they are uneducated about reporting. The problem with getting people to report is just that the system is messed up. People don't want to be re-traumatised by the system. People don't want to deal with Gordon Barker and Sarah Driver because of the insensitive and callous nature towards victims in the past."

Meanwhile, university vice-chancellor Sizwe Mabizela says they've now established a task team to deal with the students' grievances.

"It is clear that our systems and our processes need to be strengthened to respond a lot more to the needs of the students. We have set up a task team to look at our processes and our procedures in order to identify if there are any gaps so that we are able to address these issues. We are prepared to work with the students and staff."

Anti-rape organisation Chapter 212 is demanding that compulsory training be provided to staff and campus security to deal with victims of sexual assault.

Other demands include the resignation of two staff members who are currently in charge of overseeing rape cases on campus, and the removal of an SRC member who has also been accused of sexual assault.

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Rhodes alumni, current students and the general public have taken to social media to show their support for survivors since Sunday.