Police monitor Rhodes University as student protests continue

Students are demonstrating until action is taken against those accused of sexual assault at the institution.

Rhodes University. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Grahamstown police say they are monitoring protests by a group of students who say they are unhappy with Rhodes University's response to a series of rape allegations on campus.

The list of alleged perpetrators was leaked on a Facebook page on Sunday.

The group say they will not stop demonstrating until action is taken against the students accused of sexually assaulting women at the institution.

Police say students have barricaded a road leading into the university after disrupting lectures throughout the day.

Spokesperson Mali Govender says, "The student protest at this stage is still going on, but no serious incidents have been reported for us to intervene in any way."

While management has agreed to appoint a task team that will look at providing a better support system for rape victims, student activist Gorata Chengeta says this is not enough.

"They haven't really addressed, particularly the issue of the potential suspension or some sort of action, against the people who were mentioned on the Rhodes University reference list."

The university's management says it has been in talks with the Student Representative Council throughout the day and is looking to resolve the matter.

Police are expected to monitor the protest tonight.

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