CT Metrorail services thrown into turmoil... again

The rail operator has warned of delays of up to two hours this morning after equipment was vandalised.

Metrorail issued a warning to commuters via Twitter on 19 April 2016 after signalling equipment was vandalised, causing major delays on all its routes.

CAPE TOWN - Metrorail has warned this morning of delays of up to two hours or more on all its routes, due to vandalism of signalling equipment.


Please see the current service update of ALL LINES.

Travel safe. pic.twitter.com/Uit8Qjogj1

Passengers are being advised to try and make use of alternative transport this morning as its service has again be thrown into disarray.

Despite the warning, it appears some trains on the northern line are operating on time, at least for now.

#Metrorail Announcement made at Belleville train station about train delays of up to 125 mins across the region today. Cause is unknown.SF

The rail operator says its system is under attack.

"We've had another bout of extensive vandalism overnight and a series of targeted attacks. Our infrastructure was damaged between Bonteheuwel and Netreg, apparatus cases were burned at Woodstock and there were track circuits destroyed between Mandalay and Stock Road," the services' Riana Scott said.

Meanwhile, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged Metrorail to take urgent steps to minimise disruptions, saying constant delays in its services are having a negative impact on the local economy.

The chamber has suggested, if need be, Metrorail should engage other transport service providers to try and streamline its system and to beef up security even further.

The chamber's Janine Myburgh said, "It has to end, it's affecting our economy negatively. There is no way that this can be sustained, it has to end for us to continue to survive in this economy."

Metrorail has labelled these incidents as acts of sabotage.