Ghaleb Cachalia: I joined the DA because the ANC abandoned me

The DA announced Ghaleb Cachalia as its mayoral candidate in Ekurhuleni in the 2016 municipal elections.

The DA in Gauteng today announced Ghaleb Cachalia, son of struggle stalwarts Amina and Yusuf Cachalia, as it's mayoral candidate in Ekurhuleni. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - In what could be seen as another blow to the African National Congress (ANC)'s support, the son of struggle icons Amina and Yusuf Cachalia is running as the Democratic Alliance's(DA) mayoral candidate in Ekurhuleni in this year's municipal elections.

The DA in Gauteng made the announcement in Germiston this morning, saying Ghaleb Cachalia has the experience and the drive to run a tight ship in the city.

Recently some sons and daughters of ANC stalwarts, called on President Jacob Zuma to resign after the Constitutional Court found that he failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution in the Nkandla saga.

The newly nominated DA Ekurhuleni mayoral candidate says the ANC was in his blood but he's been betrayed by the party after 21 years in government.

Cachalia says he has joined the DA because the ANC abandoned him.

"I stand here today, not because I am leaving the ANC but because the ANC has left me."

He says he agonised over the transition but he has made the right move to achieve change and his family has given him their full support.

"It left me and millions of South Africans when it chose one man over the rule of law."

Supporters gave the new candidate a warm welcome with the DA in Gauteng saying Cachalia is the best man for the job after a very comprehensive nomination process.

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