Cell C boss: Women have a 'bitch switch'

Jose Dos Santos's comments about women in the workplace hit the wrong note.

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JOHANNESBURG - The CEO of mobile network Cell C has come under fire for comments he made while sharing his views on women in the workplace.

During a recent interview on CliffCentral's Leadership Platform, Jose Dos Santos said he was pro women empowerment and wanted a woman to take over his position when he stepped down.

But not all of his comments about women were received in a positive light.

He noted that African women had a higher tolerance level than men and that the company had employed good-looking, clever women.

"We have smart women, and that has created a different environment."

Dos Santos said gorgeous women were good for the company because the men dressed better and they shaved every morning.

"You know women do have a bitch switch, and boy, if you see two women fighting it is worse than two men."

His statements did not go unnoticed, with people venting their frustrations on Twitter: