Jessie Duarte: Nkandla saga not likely to affect ANC in elections

Duarte says the spending debacle won’t affect the ANC's performance during the August polls.

FILE. ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte. Picture: Facebook.

PORT ELIZABETH - African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte has downplayed the impact the Nkandla saga could have on the party during the August polls.

Duarte speculates service delivery issues are more likely to impact on the way people vote rather than President Jacob Zuma's personal scandals.

Last month, the country's highest court found Zuma breached the Constitution for not complying with a directive to pay back part of the money spent on his private KwaZulu-Natal homestead.

The ruling followed hot on the heels of allegations of 'state capture' by the Zuma-linked Gupta family.

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Duarte and other ANC leaders have been speaking to the party's branches about the Constitutional Court's Nkandla ruling.

She says a prominent view is that the ANC is under attack and the onslaught won't let up even if President Zuma goes.

"I mean one woman got up and said, 'Do you think that if Cyril Ramaphosa takes over tomorrow Marikana won't be raised every day?'"

Duarte says party's officials are not asking Zuma to resign, neither has he offered to.

"If we drop in this election it will be less about Nkandla and more about service delivery issues. The Nkandla issue was there in 2014 and in 2011."

She says there is no need to re-evaluate the decision to stand by Zuma after the local government elections.