Members of the public add their voices to Zuma impeachment

The People’s Assembly was founded in response to a failed attempt in Parliament to have Zuma impeached.

Members of the public gather at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus to intensify calls for the President Jacob Zuma's resignation. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Members of the public have added their voices to calls for President Jacob Zuma to step down communicating their concerns with the country's current state of leadership.

Today, public dialogues are being held in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban where citizens are being given a chance to be involved in creating a plan of mass action against Zuma.

The civil society movement, which has been dubbed the People's Assembly, was founded in response to a failed attempt in Parliament to have the president impeached.

This is based on a Constitutional Court ruling which found Zuma failed to uphold the Constitution when he ignored the Public Protector's Nkandla report.

A member of the public says whatever action is taken against him must be continuous.

"It cannot be a once off today, one protest action, it has to be rolling mass action."

A Soweto resident says members of the public should speak out against the abuse of tax payers' money.

"Let us fight for our money."

At the end of today's dialogue, the People's Assembly is expected to have created a concrete plan of mass action, to be implemented on Freedom Day.