Malema: SA is suffering because of the ANC

The EFF leader says SA is suffering because the ANC believes it’s more important than the country.

FILE. EFF leader Julius Malema addresses residents in Meadowlands, at the party's manifesto launch on 14 April. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says South Africa is suffering because the African National Congress (ANC) believes it's more important than the country.

Malema was speaking to community members in Meadowlands, Soweto last night, who raised problems facing their community, including corruption in public institutions in the area.

The EFF leader launched an attack on the ANC, saying it's been in power for over two decades but has failed to deliver on the freedom it promised.

Malema says despite 11 of the best legal minds ruling on the Nkandla matter, President Jacob Zuma is still the president because the ANC does not put the country first.

Malema also told residents that he does not accept Zuma's apology for the confusion and frustration around Nkandla.

"There's no sorry which can be an excuse in law. There's no 'I didn't know' which can be an excuse in law."

Malema says his party was formed to protect and uphold the Constitution and it will stop the Nkandla corruption and influence of the Gupta family.

He also launched an attack on the Guptas, saying he would not allow the family another failed African state or to colonise the country.