Voters' roll: An incomplete address won’t result in deregistration

The IEC says no registered voters have been removed from the voters' roll because of outstanding addresses.

FILE. Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials during voter registration weekend. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has again reminded those who have registered to vote that having an incomplete address on the voters roll won't result in them being deregistered.

Last week, the commission sent SMS notifications to at least five million people whose addresses were outstanding from the registry.

According to officials, three million of them responded to calls to visit their local voting stations this past weekend, to update their particulars.

The IEC's Mosotho Moepya says no registered voters have been removed from the voters roll because of outstanding addresses.

But the commission is still seeking clarity on an Electoral Court ruling which ordered it to list voter addresses on the registry.

The IEC's concern is that if it's expected to list the details of those who registered before the November 2015 ruling, the magnitude of the project will be too large to complete before election day on 3 August.

If that is the case, those whose addresses that are still unlisted may have to be disqualified from voting.

Members of the public can still update their details at local IEC offices while clarity is requested by the Constitutional Court.

At the same time, the IEC says the integrity of the elections has not been compromised as it seeks clarity from the courts regarding the ruling.

The commission's Granville Abrahams says the court process is still ongoing and that will shed more light on the confusion around addresses.

"We want to appeal the decision of the Electoral Court and secondly, depending on the outcome of that, we're asking for the Constitutional Court to give us clarity because we don't have any number of different interpretations out there and specifically those ones which could cause panic."


The IEC says the latest voter registration weekend has seen more than three million people visiting registration stations, ahead of this year's municipal elections.

In total, more than six million people have registered or updated their details over two registration periods.

According to the commission, nearly 1.4 million South Africans headed to their stations over both voter registration weekends to add their names to the voters' roll.

The commission has thanked those who made their way to registration points to update their addresses.

It said it's exceeded its target of one million new voters.

Data collected shows that most first-time voters are under the age of 30.

Moepya says the number of people who responded to calls to update their addresses has been overwhelming.

"Three million people were re-registered in the same voting district. This final group was responding to calls to voters, for whom no address details were on record."

According to the commission, 77 percent of eligible voters are now registered.

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