Comair: Kulula, British Airways won’t be affected by strike

Comair yesterday received a 48-hour strike notice from employees demanding higher wages. aircraft. Picture: Kulula travel.

JOHANNESBURG - Comair says none of its two airlines, Kulula and British Airways will be affected if 400 staff members go ahead with their strike.

Yesterday, the United Association of South Africa Union sent out a 48-hour strike notice to the employer, demanding higher wages.

Comair and workers could not reach an agreement during annual wage negotiations, facilitated by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

The union wants a 30 percent increase over a three-year period while the employer is offering 22 percent.

Comair's CEO Erik Venter says,"We have a lot of contingency plans. We have a lot of other airport operators and drone companies that are available to assist.

"And then we have a lot of our own staff that have worked at the airport historically and have moved into other roles in Comair, those staff members are obviously available to fill-in at the airport," Venter says.