Equal Education accuses education dept of 'cooking a sanitised report'

It says it fears the report on the ‘Jobs for Cash’ scandal may not contain the whole truth.

The inside of an empty classroom.Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Equal Education has called on the Department Basic Education not to delay the release of the report on the jobs for cash scandal.

The organisation has accused the department of preparing to release a sanitised report.

In 2014, the department launched an investigation after claims that members of teachers' union South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) were offering promotions and jobs in exchange for money.

Equal Education says it does not understand why the release on the 'Jobs for Cash' scandal report is being delayed, as the investigation has been completed.

It says it fears the report that will be released next month, may not contain the whole truth.

The organisation's Nombulelo Nyathela has accused Sadtu of being against the release of the report, therefore putting it in a position of influencing the contents.

But basic education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga has dismissed the notion of a sanitised report, saying it would be senseless to release a report filled with untruths after investing so much time and energy in the investigation

Equal Education says if the report is not completely truthful, it will push for further investigation.