NSFAS working on model to decrease dropouts

The scheme hopes to raise about R20 billion to ensure students are fully subsidised.

Picture: Freeimages.com

JOHANNESBURG - The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) says it's developing a new model to reduce dropouts and to ensure students are fully subsidised.

The Gordon Institute of Business Science is hosting what it calls a Serious Social Investing Conference in Johannesburg.

Ongoing student protests and the issue of tertiary education funding have been discussed at the gathering.

One of the speakers, the scheme's Sizwe Nxasana, says he needs buy-in from the private sector.

"We're going to mobilise people and already I've got the banking association [The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa] and the legal fraternity completely involved in this so that we can raise adequate funding. We are looking at raising R20 billion, so R10 billion from government and R10 billion from the private sector."

Last year, violent student demonstrations were seen across the country as students took a stand against proposed tuition fee hikes.

Thousands of students participated in a historic march to the Union Buildings, calling for 'fees to fall'.

They say many of them are kicked out of varsity because their parents can't afford the expensive fees.