Voter registration: Low turnout of young voters concerns IEC

IEC officials in Dunoon say the weekend’s registration figures were only slightly higher than last month.

FILE. Nearly 1000 protesters make their way across the N1 at Century City towards the station on their way into town demanding their own land from the city. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in the Western Cape says the lack of young people turning out to register is a concern.

The commission held its final local government registration drive at the weekend.

The IEC in Dunoon said the weekend's registration figures are only slightly higher than last month's registration drive.

But they believe last week's service delivery protests may have impacted on the turnout of young people over the weekend.

First time voter Christinia Mthamo says she understands why many in her community are disheartened.

"We were voting just recently but we're still faced with the same conditions, it's not going to make any changes."

On Friday, disgruntled residents marched on the Civic Centre in Cape Town, protesting over inadequate service delivery in the township.

They say poor sanitation and a lack of housing are the biggest problems.

WATCH: IEC gives day one of voter registration weekend a thumbs up

Meanwhile, the IEC is expected to reveal figures this week on how many people registered to vote at the weekend, and how many updated their details during the voter registration drive.

It says it's confident that over three million voters made their way to stations across the country this weekend, and the data will be analysed.

People who were unable to register, update their address details or re-register can still do so at any municipal IEC office.