De Sa happy with pairs trial in Amsterdam

Roger De Sa joined Abbubaker Mobara and Tashreeq Morris in where he observed coaching sessions.

FILE: Ajax Cape Town coach Roger De Sa reacts during a game. Picture: Abed Ahmed/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Ajax Cape Town coach Roger De Sa says Abbubaker Mobara and Tashreeq Morris did well in their weeklong trial with Ajax Amsterdam.

De Sa joined the pair in Amsterdam where he observed coaching sessions during their time there and they now await their parent clubs verdict on the two players.

He shared his thoughts on Morris and Mobara's week in Amsterdam.

"They did pretty well, I was impressed by the way they carried themselves and the way they performed."

De Sa went on to say that he was there for almost all the sessions the pair took part in.

"They did well, they trained with the first team, they trained with young Ajax so they had their fair share of hard work and were put through some hard sessions so they come back pretty well drilled."

The former Orlando Pirates coach believes the pair have what it takes to play in the Eredivisie, adding that though he wouldn't say they were outstanding, he certainly believes that they would be able to play in that league.

He says it is a waiting game with regards to the pair's futures, "We just waiting for their (Ajax Amsterdam) response now and we will have to wait until the end of the season."

In sharing his own experience in Amsterdam De Sa says, "Visiting Ajax who are probably the leaders in terms of developing young talent in the world, it is always good to see how they do it and how we can emulate them so it was good to rub shoulders with those guys and obviously I learned quite a lot."