Traditional leaders urged to work together to reclaim land

President Zuma says leaders should pool their resources to claim back land that is rightfully theirs.

President Jacob Zuma during the debate on President Jacob Zuma's Annual Address to the National House of Traditional Leaders held at Tshwane Council Chambers in Pretoria on 7 April 2016. Picture: GCIS.

PRETORIA - President Jacob Zuma has told traditional leaders that they should work together and pool their resources to claim back the land which is rightfully theirs.

Zuma was responding to a debate in the National House of Traditional Leaders, which was sitting in Pretoria yesterday.

The leaders raised several concerns, among them a lack of financial support from government and not enough recognition.

Zuma says a situation should not arise where a traditional leader from one area is unable to claim land because of a lack of resources.

"Now we should come together and look at these things together and indeed carry one another as we fight this because this is an important challenge that we're faced with, because the taking away of the land is what made us poor."

Zuma suggested that traditional leaders create one strong firm to handle all land claims across the country.

He says for as long as land remains an issue in South Africa, the majority of the people will be poor.