Lindiwe Sisulu: ANC won't be dictated to about leadership

The minister says the ANC will not be dictated to by opposition parties over who should be its leader.

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says the African National Congress (ANC) will not be dictated to by opposition parties over who should be its leader.

Sisulu was speaking on the sidelines of the third United Nations Habitat Conference on Informal Settlements yesterday.

She has noted that President Jacob Zuma had apologised for the confusion and frustration caused by Nkandla.

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Sisulu says the opposition parties' call for Zuma to resign is questionable.

"Why should I as an ANC member care what the agenda of the opposition is?"

She says it's not up to the opposition to request that Zuma step down.

"There hasn't been a party political system where the ruling party has been dictated to outside of the ballot box by the opposition parties."

Sisulu says it's ultimately up to the ANC to decide whether Zuma should be removed.

The minister went on say that while she acknowledges that some feel Zuma's apology is not enough, he did more than former president FW de Klerk, who never apologised.

"I don't remember that president de Klerk apologised for the atrocities of apartheid. That's the first step and we understand that it might not be enough but we are wanting to engage with them to see how much more needs to be done."

Sisulu says the ANC takes the Constitutional Court ruling seriously and the party is handling the matter internally.

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