Uber: Drivers' strike 'not likely' to affect services in CT

More than 200 drivers yesterday stormed the service’s headquarters in protest against a decrease in fares.

Over 200 Uber drivers vow to press on with their strike until management addresses their grievances over fare decreases which are expected to take effect on 07 April 2016.Pictures: Natalie Malgas/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cab hailing service Uber says striking drivers are not likely to affect services in Cape Town.

WATCH: Furious Uber drivers invade Cape Town office.

More than 200 drivers yesterday stormed the company's Cape Town headquarters in protest against a move to decrease rates, which will come into effect today.

Drivers fear the company's fare changes from R7,00 per kilometre to R6,00 per kilometre will affect their income and put them in direct competition with mini bus taxis and metered cabs.

One Uber driver has said they will shut down the service.

"I'm working for nothing and they don't care. We spoke to a lady at the office who said, 'If you can't take it then you must park your car.' That automatically means they don't care whether my stomach is empty or whether I have children to feed. All they care about is just money going into their pockets."

Strikers have threatened to shut down the service for three days, until management heeds their demands.