Motorists ‘frustrated’ & ‘stressed out’ over petrol price hikes

Motorists say they’re concerned about the ripple effects the hike will have on the price of food.

Petrol. Picture: Katharyn Williams-Jaftha/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg motorists say while they are frustrated and stressed out over the latest petrol hike, they are more concerned about the ripple effects on the price of food.

Fuel hikes kicked in at midnight, with petrol prices increasing by 88 cents per litre, diesel by 95 cents and paraffin by 76 cents.

Motorists fanned into petrol stations last night, hoping to make the last cheaper tank of petrol stretch.

But some say it will still affect their pockets and the prices of services they deliver.

"It's still prohibitively expensive, unaffordable and unacceptable. It's a bit tough; we spend the money we don't have and everyone is complaining because the economy isn't doing well."

Motorists say they are bracing themselves for the increasing food prices and the ripple effects that the petrol hike will bring.

"This is not only affects the petrol and the usage of your car, it reflects the retail, it reflects the food prices and everything around us. Everything is going up even though they said the rand is gaining ground, the prices are not coming back down."