Angry Uber drivers take to the streets of CT over fare decrease

Drivers say the company’s decrease in fares, from R7,00/km to R6,00/km, will affect their income.

The online ride-hailing service Uber. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

CAPE TOWN - At least 200 Uber drivers have called a strike in Cape Town over the company's proposed tariff amendments.

Drivers say the company's decrease in fares from R7,00 per kilometre to R6,00 per kilometre will affect their income.

The drop in fare prices is expected to take effect tomorrow.

Angry drivers have converged on a vacant parking area in Green Point to discuss their response.

At least 200 cars of all makes and models stood in the lot, with more drivers joining the mass action.

Drivers of the ride hailing service say the company's new tariff amendments will negatively affect their income and put them in direct competition with mini bus taxis and metered cabs.

The group has vowed to continue the strike until management agrees to address their demands.

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