Atteridgeville clinic launched to empower black nurses

Unjani Clinics NPC launched a partnership with billion dollar pharmaceutical company, Johnson and Johnson.

Patricia Mbatsha. Picture: Reinart Therein/EWN.

ATTERIDGEVILLE - A nurse says an initiative that empowers black nurses and provides affordable healthcare has changed her life.

Yesterday, Unjani Clinics NPC launched a partnership with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson.

The clinic owner says she never thought she would ever run her own business.

Patricia Mabatsha, who has 28 years of experience as a nurse, is the proud owner of a newly-built Unjani Clinic in Atteridgeville, Pretoria.

Mabatsha says she grabbed the opportunity to head up the facility last month, excited by the prospect of making a difference in the community and being a business-owner.

"The skills that I have is nursing and clinical skills, but now I'm empowered to look beyond and expanding my horizons."

The clinic is one of 20 in South Africa and 30 moreare set to be built over the next two years.