Activist Mahlangu found safe in Eastern Cape

A private investigator was hired to look into the Outsourcing Must Fall activist’s disappearance.

Outsourcing Must Fall campaign organiser Vusi Mahlangu. Picture: @Marxist_Oldman via Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Outsourcing Must Fall activist Vusi Mahlangu has been found safe in the Eastern Cape.

The activist went missing earlier this week and sent distressing text messages saying he had either been kidnapped or taken by police and that he was bleeding.

The Workers International Vanguard Party says it's received confirmation that Mahlangu is in the company of members of its party.

The organisation's Shaheed Mahomed says they received a call from a colleague in Mthatha this morning confirming Mahlangu is safe.

He says their team had hired a private investigator to track him down.

Mahomed says there's speculation that Mahlangu was abducted to silence his political views

"Reports this morning [are] that it could have been linked to Gcobane Security Services and Red Alert -these companies could be involved. Gcobane's name was mentioned."

No other details around his disappearance have been divulged.