Phosa: It’s up to the ANC to relieve SA of crippling nightmare

Mathews Phosa says the ConCourt ruling demonstrates that South Africa’s democracy is still in good hands.

Mathews Phosa. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Veteran African National Congress (ANC) leader Matthews Phosa says it's now up to the ruling party to do the right thing and relieve the country from what he says is a crippling nightmare.

Phosa says the court has demonstrated that South Africa's democracy is still in good hands, by ordering President Jacob Zuma to repay a portion of the money spent on non-security upgrades to his Nkandla home.

In his judgement Chief Justice Moegoeng Moegoeng found that Zuma failed to uphold the Constitution by ignoring the Public Protector's report.

"It is not open to any of us to pick and choose which of the otherwise effectual consequences of the exercise of Constitutional or statutory power will be disregarded and which given heed to. Our foundational value of the rule of law demands of us, as a law abiding people, to obey decisions by those clothed with the legal authority to make them, or else approach courts of law to set them aside."

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Phosa says the country needs a new beginning which includes fresh and selfless leadership.

He says South Africans can sleep with ease tonight knowing that nobody is above the law.

Meanwhile, Reverend Frank Chikane says the Nkandla saga has reduced Parliament to a mere party political activity.

The church leader says he's deeply saddened by how the scandal escalated and maintains it could have been handled in a more sensitive manner.

Chikane says South Africans have lost confidence in those appointed to Parliament.

"In a Constitutional democracy, when you are elected and take an oath, it is about the people and the Constitution and the people of South Africa; it's not just some party political activity."

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