Ramaphosa: Buying local will help SA become self-sufficient

The deputy president spoke at the ‘Proudly SA 2016 Buy Local Summit and Expo’ earlier today.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa alongside Ministers Rob Davies (Department of Trade and Industry) and Lindiwe Zulu (Department of Small Business Development) arrive at the Proudly SA 2016 Buy Local Summit and Expo, 30 March 2016. Picture:Masego Rahlaga

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africans need to wake up, and realise that buying local products, will help create jobs and improve the country's economy.

Ramaphosa delivered the keynote address at the " Proudly SA 2016 Buy Local Summit and Expo" in Sandton earlier today.

The annual event is aimed at promoting local manufacturing and businesses to encourage an increase in the uptake of local goods and services in the country.

Ramaphosa has challenged South Africans to become more particular while shopping and only buy products made in the country.

"We should begin to be discerning buyers, [and] begin to focus on where things are made. If things are made in South Africa, that's where we should go and say 'this is ours'."

The deputy president says this way, South Africa will become self-sufficient.

"Through buying local, we will be able to create jobs and we will be able to act out our own patriotism."

He says South Africans are innovative trend setters and the country can be greater if people support each other.