Julius Malema graduates from Unisa

The EFF leader officially obtained his BA Degree in Political Leadership and Citizenship.

EFF leader Julius Malema at his graduation ceremony on 30 March 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has officially obtained his BA Degree in Political Leadership and Citizenship from the University of South Africa (Unisa).

The graduation ceremony is currently underway at Unisa main campus in Pretoria.

The party's leadership is in attendance, along with Malema's wife and family, to show their support.

#MalemaGraduation EFF leadership and Malema's family are seated in the two front rows. CE pic.twitter.com/VlCIKnTyUv

CIC Julius Malema is accepted to study for his BA Honours in Philosophy. #WeChantAndPassAtTheSameTime pic.twitter.com/VSoEDbZjBg

Malema has in the past been ridiculed for his alleged poor performance in maths and woodwork in his matric year, but today he is proving his critics wrong and inspiring the youth.

Malema is now said to be enrolled for BA Honours in Philosophy.

Many tweeps have congratulated Malema, saying they are inspired by his dedication to continue his studies.

Congratulations Sir. #JuliusMalema pic.twitter.com/GPdOiXVZyP

Folks don't get it,you can't compare yourself to Julius Malema...rather admire him! Even BBC is talking about him graduating.

Julius Malema got the degree I started studying for this year, this is why I'm really inspired by his graduation, I'm really happy for him

Julius Malema was mocked for woodwork, he now has more degrees than PW Botha. Check your life. Enrolled for a BA Hons in Philosophy. Listen!