CT cops once again accused of shooting at a taxi carrying workers

This after Nando’s employee was killed and two McDonald’s employees were shot dead in similar incidents.

Picture: freeimages.com

CAPE TOWN - Police have once again been accused of shooting at a taxi transporting workers after mistaking it for a getaway vehicle used by robbers.

Occupants of the minibus have laid a complaint with police claiming officers fired two shots at the shuttle carrying ten passengers from Paarl to Montague Gardens.

The alleged incident took place on the N1 highway near Goodwood yesterday.

Police say the driver of the minibus is being investigated for reckless and negligent driving and failing to obey a police officer.

At the same time, a case of pointing a firearm has also been registered against the police officials.

One passenger, Julia van der Vent, claims police realised their error after firing shots.

"When we were outside the vehicle, they realised that we were the wrong people and one of the policemen went to the driver and recognised him because he lives in the same area."

About five weeks ago, a Nando's employee was killed when police allegedly fired shots at the wrong vehicle near Dunoon and this month two McDonald's employees were shot dead in a similar incident in Blue Downs.

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