15 Zimbabwe women home after Kuwait trafficking scam

Local reports say dozens of other women may still be trapped in the oil-rich country.

The Zimbabwean flag. Picture: WikiCommons.

HARARE - Zimbabwe's foreign affairs ministry says it's been able to repatriate 15 Zimbabwean women who were trafficked to Kuwait.

Local reports say dozens of others may still be trapped in the oil-rich country, after they were lured there by the promise of good jobs.

The foreign affairs ministry has published a statement in the press warning Zimbabweans about taking jobs abroad that seem too good to be true.

This comes after reports that at least 150 Zimbabwean women were lured to Kuwait by the promise of well-paid jobs as waitresses or maids.

Zimbabwean state media says that instead the women were trafficked into domestic slavery.

Already eight people, including a Kuwaiti embassy official, have appeared in court in Harare on charges of human trafficking.